False low battery warning

Hi all

I’m having a problem with the low battery warning function on my Pixhawk. On the HUD screen in Mission Planner, at the bottom where it shows the battery voltage and amps, it is always in red and issuing warnings that the battery is low ie, 21volts. Yet the Voltage is actually reading correctly at 23 volts. Can someone please point me to a link that demonstrates what I can do to fix this issue? I must have altered a parameter at some stage, because it used to work flawlessly.

Is it possible the warning is being triggered by amps not volts? I don’t have details in front of me, but I am about to disable the mAH-based battery failsafe on my ArduPlane because I don’t always remember to set mAH capacity, and whether I fly a smaller pack that APM thinks is bigger, or vice versa, not good.


You were right. It’s now fixed. Thank you for helping.