Failsafe setting in Radiomaster TX16S with EdgeTx, binded with Radiomaster RP1 Receiver connected via SBUS to PIXHAWK 2.4.8

Can anybody please help me to find the failsafe option in EdgeTx I am using a Radiomaster TX16S, MarkII ELRS Version and Radiomaster RP1ELRS Receiver, with Mission Planner, I have connected the receiver with the latest ELRS firmware and using SBUS with PIXHAWK, everything is working, its just that when I switch off my Transmitter (TX16S) the PWM value of the throttle does not come down below the default value of 975 so the failsafe is not working. Is there something that I am missing? my question is how can i bring the PWM value below the default FailSafe value of 975 when TX16S is completely shutdown?? I was previously using opentx where the failsafe option was there…but I updated to EdgeTx and I cannot find the Failsafe option anymore…PLEASE HELP !!!

It should be under individual models, look under internal or external RF (whichever you are using) and the presence of the Failsafe options will depend on the exact RF type and receiver capabilities.