Failsafe behavior

I updated to FW 4.02 and noticed some changes in the failsafe setups. I wanted to test my setup in order to make certain everything was working. I use either an R/C link or a Joystick (through MP) to control my quad.

I set the new FAILSAFE parameter to “19” because I want to RTL when I’m using EITHER controller in STABILIZE or LOITER modes, and to continue on the mission when in AUTO mode.

In order to test, I tied my quad down and ARMED it in the STABILIZE mode. Without taking off (but propellers spinning), I shut off my radio. Immediately, Mission Planner reported that there was a radio failsafe and the quad was “disarming”. This surprised me, because I don’t remember it doing that before. The only thing I can think of is that the failsafe doesn’t operate normally before takeoff. But before I crash an expensive piece of equipment, I want to know for certain. So how DOES this work anyway?

It knows you haven’t taken off. If you’re still on the ground, the failsafe action is to disarm. This is normal, and was the expected behavior even before the changes. You can read about the changes here: Failsafe updates for radio, GCS, and battery... plus new FS_OPTIONS parameter

Setting FAILSAFE_OPTIONS to a value of 19 will ignore the GCS failsafe if you’re in a pilot controlled mode, and will ignore the radio and GCS failsafes when in Auto Mode. If that is what you want, good. But that is not what you described in your post. You said you want it to RTL when you’re in pilot controlled modes (such as stabilize or loiter), but continue in auto modes. In that case, you would want FS_OPTIONS set for 3.

Thanks, I was worried.