Failsafe and servo settings

is there simple way to set servo on aux when failsafe is activated?
When SBUS is in use and failsafe ocure for ex. aux is set for ch 10 to 14 for gimbal movement, it would be great to set chanels to set gimbal straight foreward.
It could be something else then gimbal that it should be set when FS - for safety reason.
FS delay for copter would be also usefull thing.

There is currently no functionality to set aux outputs or servos as a failsafe action. Although that sounds like a useful enhancement.

@Mogway28, feel free to raise an enhancement request in the issues list. I suspect that this is another fairly specific requirement that might be best handled with a script. AP’s lua scripts can’t trigger on a failsafe (yet) nor control the mount but they could eventually.