BRD_SAFETY_MASK to SBUS out - inconsistent

Setting up BRD_SAFETY_MASK for ex. to ch10,11,12 is working for AUX output - generate PWM no matter If safety is on or off(and it works like it should). But it’s not working for SBUS out - it works only when safety is off. When is off all SBUS out chanel are on min value and it is the second problem. When ServoXX is set to passthrought Sbus and pwm should mirror RC RX output .It could be dangerous when copter/user must drop or switch off sometching when FS.

( workaround for now is external SBUS to PWM parser on Y cable with FS setup option- but hey CUBE has 2 procesors :slight_smile:

This solution should help

or maybe when servo is setup for passthrough CUBE should mirror/sets output like it is on RX side- not ignore input when is FS.