Failsafe and FS_LONG_ACTN


I was flying in Auto mission when failsafe happened and my vehicle successfully returned to me.
It was completely what I expected from failsafe…

But when analyzing log file, I found FS_LONG_ACTN == 0
In this setup my vehicle should follow mission not depending on RC failure, correct?

Please advice.

There’s a log…


Just before the fail safe the flight mode channel, in this case RC12, went to 2000 and changed the mode to RTL. It was shortly after that the actual failsafe was acknowledged by the FC. Because the mode had already changed it just kept doing what it was told to do. The good news with it set to RTL you got the plane back.

I would check that you have your failsafe mode on the TX/RX set to no-pulses/cut.

Got you. Thanks for the explanation.

It was really lucky flight, because it was my first try to set landing after RTL.

Due to failure of setup rc link, it never back from failsafe again and auto land after rtl was only a chance to get vehicle landed.

Fortunately, it went smoothly :slight_smile:

One more question…
Can you please tell me what kind of message from the log indicates failsafe?


If you have messages selected then you should be able to see it right away.

I’d added this information to my log plotter tool.
Now it has separate layer with failsafe events on the map.