Failed all flight mode,only mode stabilize

could you help me please…
when my quadcopter hover and then i set my drone to mode loiter , auto etc, my drone landed immediately("Flight mode change failed” error when switching to all mode except
mode stabilize) , i used pixhawk 2.4.8, and in the mission planner EKF was red ,but gps is
3D fix . could you help me to fix this problem pleasee…cause i stuck in this problem…

3D fix doesn’t guarantee a good position estimate. Post a link to your .bin log file.

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this is the log , please help me

I can’t check the logs right now so answer, how many satellites were locked and what was the gps hdop? Is the compass calibrated?

11 satelit and hdop mean 0,68

i had calibrate compass

Looks like you are switching between Loiter and Stabilize to me.

You are flying this on default parameters? Didn’t read the Initial Tuning Guide?

There is a tuning Plug-in in Mission Planner also. After connecting hit Alt>A

I think, i,ve set the params was default. this problem happened after my quadcopter had loss from the signal remote in altitude 42 m , and then my quadcopter went to loiter mode , after 60 s it been auto land.
please help me to finish this problem

You absolutely need to set up failsafe following this guide:

The log you posted doesn’t show an altitude above a few meters.

before that happened it was loss in 42 m , but i’had reset the pixhhawk and the log was reset too cause i thing it’ll good again

this is the vidio of the problem in my quadcopter :