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Fail Running Sitl with Cygwin

I am trying to run sitl in cygwin using …/Tools/autotest/ --map --console at ~/ardupilot/ArduCopter
And I get this error:
Waf: Leaving directory `/home/gusta/ardupilot/build/sitl’
Build failed
-> task in ‘objs/AP_AHRS’ failed (exit status 1):
{task 123145293410664: cxx AP_AHRS_NavEKF.cpp -> AP_AHRS_NavEKF.cpp.0.o}
[’/usr/bin/g++’, ‘-std=gnu++11’, ‘-fdata-sections’, ‘-ffunction-sections’, ‘-fno-exceptions’, ‘-fsigned-char’, ‘-Wall’, ‘-Wextra’, ‘-Wformat’, ‘-Wshadow’, ‘-Wpointer-arith’, ‘-Wcast-align’, ‘-Wundef’, ‘-Wno-unused-parameter’, ‘-Wno-missing-field-initializers’, ‘-Wno-reorder’, ‘-Wno-redundant-decls’, ‘-Wno-unknown-pragmas’, ‘-Werror=format-security’, ‘-Werror=array-bounds’, ‘-Werror=uninitialized’, ‘-Werror=init-self’, ‘-Wfatal-errors’, ‘-Werror=unused-but-set-variable’, ‘-O3’, ‘-include’, ‘ap_config.h’, ‘-Ilibraries’, ‘-Ilibraries/GCS_MAVLink’, ‘-I.’, ‘-I…/…/libraries’, ‘-I…/…/libraries/AP_Common/missing’, ‘-DSKETCHBOOK="/home/gusta/ardupilot"’, ‘-DCONFIG_HAL_BOARD=HAL_BOARD_SITL’, ‘-DCONFIG_HAL_BOARD_SUBTYPE=HAL_BOARD_SUBTYPE_NONE’, ‘…/…/libraries/AP_AHRS/AP_AHRS_NavEKF.cpp’, ‘-c’, ‘-o/home/gusta/ardupilot/build/sitl/libraries/AP_AHRS/AP_AHRS_NavEKF.cpp.0.o’]
SIM_VEHICLE: Build failed
SIM_VEHICLE: Killing tasks
SIM_VEHICLE: kill_tasks failed: a bytes-like object is required, not ‘str’

Do you have any idea @amilcarlucas?

Forget cygwin, use WSL and Ubuntu

I was following this guide, that says I have to use cygwin for running sitl for windows

Although cygwin works, it is old tech. WSL gives you native unix enviroment under windows and makes your life much easier. Check it out.

@Eosbandi I am very new to this situation of enviroments, virtual machines and prompt/terminal linux commands.Like until other day I didn’t know you could use git on a windows.

What I want to do is use mavproxy, dronekit,and mission planner to control and observe my drone with scripts and use sitl for tests/simulations.

Could you please elaborate, and if possible, could you kindly give a walkthrough of how could I achieve that using wsl? I just looked but in the ardupilot wiki, there is no sitl tutorial using wsl, it says to use cygwin, and like I said, I am a total newbie, I don’t know if its just a matter of using the same steps from cygwin with wsl.

Once you installed WSL it become identical to Linux. You can use guide.

but how would work to connect to the autopilot, from what I saw, there is no USB functionality in WSL2 for example.

You said you want to do SITL.

Yeah, I want to use Sitl , but also I want to use dronekit too.

dronekit is just a bunch of python libraries you can run then under any python (including Win64 native python)

Ok I followed the wiki article for wsl, and I read the articles for dronekit, sitl and mav proxy.I want to confirm somethings:

1.In the Dronekit installation says python 3 is not supported and should use 2.7. I looked over release notes, and the latest one has python 3 basics, then I searched around and found there is one version further that was released, the 2.9.2 in that has python 3 as programming language. So, can I use python 3 or not?

  1. Regarding Ubuntu, I keep reading or hearing people saying that is best to use one version instead of other, is there a right version? 14.04, 16.04. 18.04, 20.04?

  2. Regarding versions, should I download the latest ardupilot version or should an older one?

  1. you need to try python 3 yourself

  2. 20.04

  3. Use ArduCopter 4.0.6-rc2

Okay, sorry for my ignorance in these subjects, still a newbie in this drone universe. If I may ask some more, just to confirm, if I want to connect the sitl to mission planner, the mission planner can be the one I have in windows, or do I have to download and install one in wsl?

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