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Facing problems with AruduPilot Version 3.5.0 when using GPS+Wheel Encoder

Hello enthusiasts,

I recently encountered problem when I was using GPS+Wheel odometery for navigation on my Ardurover version 3.5.0.

Problems faced:

  1. EKF Fail safe Error
  2. No logs generated

This usually happened when I used to work on wheel encoders only but now it is showing in this particular mode too. Logs gets created but once in fail safe FMT in not created.

I performed multiple resets and calibration but still facing the same. Please help if someone has already resolved this or facing the same.

we certainly have an issue with wheel encoders in 3.5.0. I hope to get to the bottom of it eventually but I can’t promise exactly when.

the logging is odd though. I’ve never heard of the FMT messages (which are used by the ground station to display the logs) not being present.

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Yes, regarding logs I’ve noticed this before too that whenever there is a fail safe error and we still try to log data then every time this FMT message error comes.

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