Facing issues when flying in stabilize mode in Arduplane X-Uav Talon

Hey there!
I am facing some issues while flying the plane in Stabilize mode.
Model:- XUAV Talon 1.78m wingspan
AUW:- 4kg


  1. The plane doesn’t fly straight in stabilize mode. (It banks on the right side)
  2. There is also some yaw.

I’m not sure whether this is common as there was some wind while flying or there’s some error in build/configuration of the plane?

Other than this the plane follows transacts in mapping mission properly but the images are tilted in yaw axis.

I’ll upload the log file as soon as I get them.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Did you do all of the calibrations properly?
Does your flight controller align with the frame?
In STABILIZE mode, the vehicle tries to level the wings.
The flight controller may not be aligned horizontally with the frame.
It could also be a mechanical problem, check if stabilizers are level in the neutral PWM values.
Hard to tell without logs.

Yes as @Mustafa_Gokce has mentioned, check your calibration.
How to check if calibration is ok:
Connect your aircraft to mission planner and roughly bring your plane level by looking at horizon in mission planner, if horizon shows your plane is straight but physically aircraft roughly off/tilted left or right it means either your flight controller not mounted level or calibration is off.

One good tip: if you using Velcro tape to mount flight controller will move due to wire tension and other factor. Make sure use cable ties along with Velcro tape.

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Thank you @Mustafa_Gokce @Sunnyfx79 fir you help.
It was a build error.
Thank you once again