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F550 battery capacity

Those parameters linearize the motor thrust curve, it won’t prevent the craft from “falling out of the sky”. But they are of benefit so set them.

What are the benefits of drones by linearizing the motor thrust curve?

Thrust of a motor/prop is a non-linear function with respect to RPM and voltage. Those parameters attempt to “flatten the curve” from the voltage component to use a currently popular phrase.

Is it a function to stabilize the rotation speed of the motor?

No. I’ll just repeat that it linearizes thrust with respect to voltage. Read my previous reply, that’s what it does. I don’t know how to make it any simpler than that.

understood. Thank you! !

Bro trust me, throw this motor-esc set and buy something better, atlast 5$ blheli esc and motor with normal 5mm shaft.
I started with same set on f450 frame, one esc burnt in air, this props are shit, they are not balanced and you cant balance them cuz the hole is not centered and also this props can(and will) break in the air. They break close to the center where plastic is very thin.
Dont mess with this cheap crap;) good luck

I have achieved 18 minute flight on my F550 with HobbyPower 920KV 2212 motors, 1045 props, HobbyPower 30A Simonk ESCs, and 10000 mAh 25c 3S battery.

I succeeded in flying with 3 cells 5300mah.
However, the flight time is as long as 18 minutes.

I had a 550 on 6S power with a 8000mah battery that flew for 45 minutes. I rebuilt that quad with smaller props (13") after a crash and it now flies for ~35 minutes on a 6S 5000mah battery. However it’s a very light weight 550.

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