F550 battery capacity

Is the battery capacity low when flying the F550 with 3 cells 2200mah?

What type motors, ESC and props are you using?

Also, the overall weight of your quad and how many minutes of flight time are you getting?

Please provide specs.

The motor is 2212 920kv, the ESC is 30A simonk, the propeller is 1045. It is pixhark 2.4.8.
The weight is about 1200g. The flight time is about 7 minutes.

So the motors are no name generic 2212 920 KV? I like to check the motor specs and see their posted performance data. if you have motor specs, give me the link or you bought something like this


A simple formula that you can use is;

" To calculate flight time , take the battery’s capacity in amp hours, then divide that into the average amp draw of the quadcopter and then multiply it by 60. The total is the flight time in minutes."

There are some online calculators as well https://www.omnicalculator.com/other/drone-flight-time

An average I have seen 15 minute flight time.

I bought the motor and ESC from the following sites.

Well, when the battery sags to 8.5V (2.83 V/cell) I would say you have a power problem…

Is there a problem with the power supply, is the battery small?

Thank you very much. It’s small with 3 cells 2200mah.

It could be a combination of a whole bunch of things. Do you have a larger size battery like 3S with 5000 maH?

You can upload your bin/log files and we can take a look.

p.s. what is the C rating of your battery? Look at the battery and it will say like 15C or 25C.

There is no 3 cell 5500mah.
There are 4 cells 10000mah.

Below, I will send the log.

By the way, in this flight, I flew at 3 cells 2200mah, and when I made it fly in Reuters mode, the aircraft suddenly moved to the right and crashed into the ground. Is it due to the battery?


There are many 3S 5500mah choices.

100’s of 3S @5000 to 5500 maH batteries out there. are you sure your quad is only 1200 Grams?


I have not measured the weight accurately, but it is the weight written in the catalog.

It’s too small for 2200mah with 3 cells, isn’t it?

Measure the weight. I gave you the formula above. Looks like your battery gets drained pretty fast at the end. I seriously doubt your quad is only 1200 grams…it looks much bigger and heavier.

You have to learn to do the math, else you can never figure out the problems on your own.

Also, in the video the motors do not look like what you said you bought. now I am totally confused… :slight_smile:

I think if you stay with 3S power you could add an additional ~300g in battery weight. That assumes that the 1200g weight is correct. 4S power (at least) is what a craft of this size should be using but I’m not sure if all the components in that kit are 4S capable. Most of those F450 kits come with the lowest quality components.

Sorry for the confusion.
This is the same symptom video as me.

I want to know if such a symptom is caused by the battery.

To Dave

The motor corresponds to 4 cells.

ha ha…I am like what the… :slight_smile: post a pic of your drone, measure the weight. I think 7 min is the max u will get with 3S @2200.