F405 Wing 3.6 and 3.7 latest

I have updated to 3.7 under the latest build section for my quadcopter. OSD works under 3.7 but the ch 7 and 8 are grayed out in the extended tuning tree. So I went back to 3.6 under stable release, now channel 7 & 8 extended parameters are able to be changed but OSD is gone. I want to setup arm on a switch and unable to do so without a give take situation. Any ideas?

Flash back to 3.7-dev and then set the RC7_OPTION parameter to 41 for Arm/Disarm on chan 7.

That worked. Still relatively new to arducopter and mission planer, i’m sure I’ll have more questions.
Thank you very much!

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You’re welcome. In some cases Mission Planner will lag development of Ardupilot firmware particularity when it comes to Dev/Master versions so you have to resort to wading into the Full Parameter List for configuration changes. So you are using an F405 Wing with a multirotor? Interesting, most are using that for planes. 9 outputs right?

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I’m using f405-wing on a quad as are others I’ve seen around here. it’s a brilliant little FC for small dev quads as it’s easy to plug and unplug different hardware to the pin headers, it has loads of uarts/i2c ports, and it has huge BECs onboard for driving sensors and onboard computers.


I second that, simple neat installation and a quality board.
Also guaranteed genuine if you buy it from the list of Matek approved retailers.


Yeah, it has a ton of uarts, a beefy bec and i2c.

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Decided to flash my inav matek f4 ctrMini drak over to Ardupilot. I don’t get the same option under rc7 for a switch arm. Any advice on this setup or should I go over to the ardupilot section of this forum?

@Devin_Tegen, I’m not sure I understand completely but I would recommend using Copter-3.6.0 (the stable release) which will allow defining the auxiliary switches using CH7_OPT, CH8_OPT etc. For Copter-3.7 the method for assigning the auxiliary switch function moves to the RCx_OPTION parameters.

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Of course, you can go to 3.6, but there is no “OPTIONS” parameter, but I need it to use the r 9mm receiver. But there is no “AUTOTUNE” is there another solution?

There are Options parameters including Autotune in both 3.6 and 3.7.

Here are both of them 3.6.6 then 3.7-dev