F405-STD enough ports?

Hey there! I’m converting my 8 year old glider to a FPV Ardupilot plane. Now need a good FC. The Matek F405-STD seems like a cheap but still high quality FC. I’m just not sure whether it has enough ports or not to do everything I want.
That’s a list of everything I’d like to connect to it:

  • Crossfire nano (with crsf and mavlink if possible)
  • simple ESC
  • GPS with built-in compass
  • 3 (maybe 4) servos
  • SmartAudio (VTX)
  • Buzzer (works with Buz- or PWM)
  • video in
  • video with osd out

Would I be able to connect everything? Or is there maybe another cheap FC that has some more ports?

Also: The BEC of my ESC only gives 2 Amps, is this enough for the F405-STD?

Have you tried the custom firmware builder? You should be able to select all those that you want and turn off that that you don’t. From what I see you will need 3-4 serial ports which I believe the 405-std support 5 you should be good to go. I have one of these laying about I hope to install in something soon!

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It should work, but the wiring is going to be a bit messy with SDA/SCL on the other side of the board, and the need to power the servos separately. You might be better off with a wing-specific FC like the F405-WMN (small and light, but only 16MB blackbox memory), or F405-WTE.

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