F4 Omnibus Pro Roll is mirrored on HUD

I just installed the arduplane firmware as instructed on the ardupilot website (http://ardupilot.org/plane/docs/common-omnibusf4pro.html) using the F4 Omnibus Pro board. To ensure continuity, I’m using the same exact board. Installation was done using BetaFlight and had no issues. In mission planner (and also checked in qGroundControl) all works correctly except the roll (in the glidescope HUD) is mirrored. If I bank the board to the left, the HUD shows it as banking to the right. However, pitch and yaw all work fine. In an effort to check and make sure the board was not the issue, I installed the regular BetaFlight firmware and checked the acelerometer in Beflight. All worked flawlessly without a hitch. Therefore, my suspicion is either the latest firmware (also tried the release from December 1 2018) or perhaps some hidden setting in the general parameters. Can someone please assist? Thank you in advance.

There’s a counter-intuitive issue here that you may already be accounting for. But just to make sure:

This is the correct behavior: When you bank the plane left (so it’s left wing goes down), the LEFT side of horizon on the HUD goes UP (and the right side goes down.) At a brief glance, this may look like it is “backwards” because the horizon “tilted to the right” while the plane-wingspan-line was tilted left… but in fact this is the correct behavior.

(To see why it’s correct, tilt your head and pay attention to what a horizontal line appears to do from your head’s perspective)

(If you already correctly accounted for this, just let us know and we can continue working on the issue)

@hunt0r thank you for your quick response. I realized as well the issue soon after. I guess I’ve been using BetaFlight for too long now and grew accustomed to the animated copter shown during calibration where it banks left when you roll left. I’m still learning about planes and it’s nuances.

Thanks again for your quick assistance. Cheers!

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