Extremely large Aircraft Compass Calibration

Hello Mindhive,

I am asked to “calibrate” a ProfiCNC 2.1 with dual Can GPS on an extremely large plane.
As you probably understand by now, this is not possible to be flipped around in all 6 axis in order to calibrate as i would do on my plane.
Since in here some of you have already gone through such an issue, i would appreciate listening to what you have to suggest as also if developers here have a way that its possible to be done.
for now the idea is so switch the build and have PIX with D/GPS on a standalone box that i can calibrate on the field and then attach on plane.
Thanx in Advance.

I fly an unmanned aircraft with a 2.5[m] wingspan using ArduPlane. In my case, the wings and tail are detachable (for transportation to the airfield) so I do a compass calibration without those. The fuselage is awkwardly large (1.5m x .5m x .5m) but a team of 2 people can physically orient it as necessary for acceleration and compass calibration.

I suspect that if this is not an option for you, a standalone box seems to be the next best option in my opinion. Anyone else have other ideas?

Thank you for your reply.
Problem is that our frame is about 2.5m long and it makes things hard to move it around. So unless anyone else say something different, i think the hotplug box is the way to go.


What @Eosbandi posted is very good option, I have had it work on quite a few smaller airframes and heard about it working well for folks with large rovers!

Your option sounds really good but I am unable to “test” on this rig since the owner would like a proven way. On the other hand I have a test hexa on which I test sensors and anything else on and I would like to give it a try. I will read in detail in the morning and try to follow the steps and give back my findings


I would not consider this testing still as it has been introduced to the stable release of plane, rover, and copter for at least the last couple of releases. But the best tried and true would be a standalone box and I would say its the safest.

Thank you my friend. My testing would only be on my Hexa in order to condibute, but at the moment here there is only rain and wind. For the Large Plane it will all be in a box.