Extra Flight mode Channels As in Arducopter are they hidden in Arduplane

Hi all

In Arducopter you have more than one channel used to switch modes, 5 for most modes and 7 & 8 for extra mode options.

In Arduplane I can only find one, CH8 is there a hidden option to use other channels as well like in Arducopter.

If yes, were are they hidden

If not could they be added.

I use a rotary 6 way switch for mode selection but have a toggle switch dedicated to RTL, it would be nice if I could do this in Arduplane as well.



+1, especially with Quadplane. There are so many modes now.

One trick is the use failsafe for RTL. Just program the radio so it drops the throttle below the failsafe PWM when you flip a switch.

There are no other “hidden” options.

Aaawww! I was looking for exakt the same thing. It’s a pity that you can’t use the “RCn_FUNCTION parameters” for that. Would be so easy!