External sensors & Drone to Drone communication: Is ArduPilot "Plugin" friendly?

Hi !
I’m very new to the Drone world and I was wondering if it was possible to achieve these things with ArduPilot and some additional scripting:

  • I need to put additional sensors (Noise sensors, Humidity sensors) in the drone and retrieve the information. Is ArduPilot capable of having additional inputs and transmit then to the Ground station ? Is ArduPilot meant for that ?

  • If I add other antennas (WiFi, BLE … ) to the drone, could I achieve Drone to Drone communication without having to rewrite a ton of code ? Is ArduPilot “Plugin friendly” ?

  • Is it possible to implement an algorithm in the drone (not in the ground station) and use it ?

The answer to all your questions is:

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