External compass not detected on Flywoo Goku F745 Nano

Hi guys,

I am having problems with the new Flywoo Goku F745 Nano FC not seeing the magnetometer on the Matek M8Q-5883 GPS/compass module. I tried beta and latest Arducopter firmware versions with the same result.

The M8Q module is working fine with a PixHawk Lite on Arducopter 3.6. The M8Q compass is detected as QMC5883 and is working fine with Flywoo Goku F745 Nano FC on Inav. The same GPS/compass with the same wiring is working fine on Inav. I just re-flashed the FC to Inav, enabled magnetometer and got it working. Flashed back to Arducopter 4.1 latest and no mag. Tried AP latest and beta.

Looks like there is a problem with Ardupliot 4.1 firmware, not being fully compatible with Goku F745 Nano FC. The internal baro is working fine.

The FC supplier is saying that the FC has two independent I2C buses. They suggest setting the following parameter for Betaflight:
set mag_i2c_device = 2.

Any help is much appreciated.


Review the Hwdef file for the Flywoo F745 target.

-no built-in compass and no external I2C so no compass

The board you have is different.

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I have this exact same issue… The Flywoo745 nano board needs a custom build.
I was just coming on here to look where to request the build.

1st look at who coded the existing target. The contributors are shown at the top of the Hwdef page.

I am using the Matek M8N5883 GPS with Compass, and the Flywoo745 build is for the AIO, not the Nano.
It works in iNav, but I prefer ArduPilot over iNav Flywoo has a build for iNav 3 on their website for the nano board, but not for ArduPilot.

Yes, I know that. That was the point of my post.

I see. Thank you for the direction.

Is this something I could add to the target build? I have never tried to do that before and have no idea how to go about doing it, but I am not scared to try.

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Let’s see if @LavaChemist can help! Cool looking board.


Yeah, the board is really looking cool, it is only 16x16 and is stuffed with features: lots of UARTs, built in baro, I2C pads for external devices. The only thing that I could wish more is a better baro chip.

Thank you Dave! I appreciate the effort!

with regards,

Jude Garcia

Agree. I have a few 20x20 mini boards (Matek, Holybro, Omnibus) and it’s nice to see more small hardware with the features Ardupilot needs. The stack they are selling with this board for $60 looks nice. .

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next board will be the MAtek H7 mini

I like that board. I have it flying a sub 250g 5" and it’s very nice. It run’s hot but the IMU Temperature Compensation routine really works.

I have ordered both Goku’s - I will do a port


That’s fantastic! Thank you Andy.

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@andyp1per, txs for that.

If it is OK I’m going to drop this issue from the 4.1.0 blockers list because the Goku is not currently one of our supported autopilots. Hopefully in a future point release we can add it.

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I’ve managed to order the Goku Hex ESC rather than the Goku Flight Controller, it’s going to take a little longer :man_facepalming:

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In the mean time you could get Dshot working on that BLHeli_S ESC :smiley:

Does it not work?

My Goku F745HD arrived today - I have to say its a very nice board

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