External AHRS Systems using

Does anyone have experience using an external AHRS supported by ArduCopter (VectorNav, MicroStrain or Inertial Labs) to improve the accuracy of position/velocity estimation?
The case of using GNSS outage (dead reckoning) is especially interesting.
Normally, internal sensors and EKF can provide stable level information within 1-2 minutes. (gyroscopes drift and accelerometers)
How much can we increase the autonomous flight time without a GNSS signal?
How much precision can we get in case of RTL?
Thanks in advance.

Yes, thanks, I saw them.
Have you had any experience with their products?

I don’t have any experience with external AHRS equipment, but I’m learning how to use these technologies. Here is another link , this blogger makes posts in this ARDUPILOT forum Qio-Tek Zealot H743 Aero flight controller. No GPS? No worries! (youtube.com)

Fixed Wing Dead Reckoning test of the Zealot H743 Aero Applications Edition - ArduPlane / Plane 4.4 - ArduPilot Discourse

Thank you.

The external AHRS systems may provide increased performance in GPS outages, particularly the FOG units like so: https://www.advancednavigation.com/inertial-navigation-systems/fog-gnss-ins/spatial-fog-dual/

In general, the MicroStrain7 device may provide increased performance due to its high quality IMU and filtering, but it’s hard to benchmark exact numbers as it’s highly dependent on the vehicle and the nature of the GNSS outages.

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