Extended Kalman Filter

Hi to everyone! Could someone help me please? I have to adjust parametres for EKF, in which library will I manage to do it, which particular file? I want to change parametres and measurement errors to my sensors: VN100, IntelRealSense D455 sensors, so on. How can I make a simulations of EKF work and produce some plots, to see changes from my parametrs? I’m a newbie in drones and EKF, so all advices will be helpful! Thanks.

Hello, as usual, wiki is your friend

For the IMU, the VN-100 has been added recently, you can track modifications and related libraries here:

For the D455, it is generally part of Visual Odometry Library that has some parameters available for the fusion process

Thanks for the response! Yes, I saw this wiki page, i just want to know in which particular file should i make some changes to EKF, and plot graphs to visualize work of EKF? Just wanna make some simulations

Well, there are a lot of files and libraries involved, you can work at the driver level but if you want to go deeper, look at the EKF libraries on github

Thanks, will try, hope i will succes

Could you please tell me, how to run matlab simulations from this library GitHub - priseborough/InertialNav: Inertial Navigation Filter ? I think its relative to ArduPilot, isnt it? I have done all steps, but there is an error:

  • Error evaluating parameter [‘navStartTime’](matlab:Simulink.internal.OpenBlockParamsDialog([‘NavFilterTestHarness24/Delay Start’],‘navStartTime’):wink: in ‘NavFilterTestHarness24/Delay Start

  • Unrecognized function or variable ‘alignTime’.

    • Variable ‘alignTime’ does not exist.

Oh… that was a loooooooooooooong time ago.
I suggest you jump on the EKF DEV channel for further assistance

Thanks for response for my questions! I now they are probably silly, im just a noob in this

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Im sorry but looks like the link is broken

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