ExpressLRS 3.0 is a gamechanger (change my mind?)

Since discovering the FrSky Horus series transmitters and their compatibility with passthrough (Yaapu) telemetry, I’ve been pretty sold on that ecosystem.

However, FrSky is increasingly frustrating and driving toward closed source while ELRS 3.0 seems like the greatest thing since sliced bread! Full 16 channels, excellent range, passthrough telemetry support, simplistic binding, cheap hardware…

I’ve been mostly bench testing ELRS but installed it on my mower today (R9M-based) and had outstanding performance, including passthrough telemetry…what am I missing?! Talk me out of it!

I have several craft on R9 and a couple on CRSF which I was considering transitioning all to. What Tx module are you using? Perhaps I’ll check it out before deciding on the switch. CRSF hasn’t been a walk in the park.

On the actual Rover, I’m using an R9M flashed with ELRS 3.0-RC1 (I should update) along with an R9MM receiver. It performed admirably during my mowing today with flawless telemetry updates and no issues controlling at any reasonable range.

Before installation, I range tested it to 670m on the surface, through multiple obstacles and terrain masking.

Did the same test with a HappyModel 2.4GHz 1W module and EP1 receiver - got a bit beyond 400m at 100mW before the signal degraded quite a bit.

I also successfully set up a BetaFPV 2.4GHz 1W module with a Matek 2.4GHz RX but did not range test that combination (yet).

My “bench” tests are geared mostly toward Rovers, so the ranges are intentionally limited by obstacles and terrain. I imagine airborne vehicles with more direct LOS would achieve orders of magnitude better range.

Installation was very straightforward, both on a Matek H743 board, Cube Orange, and QioTek ZealotH743. Follow the wiki(s), and all works as advertised.


I have had zero failsafe’s when using ELRS its amazing and the form factor is impossible to beat. I am just to lazy to swap all my quads over haha, but any new builds will be with elrs and when and if mavlink support gets added it will be crazy which I have read and am following a cpl pull request for just that.

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how do you have your telemetry set up is it just emulating frsky? I have recently won a r9 module for £16 off ebay and im looking out for a cheap receiver, i need something to replace my openlrs system.

plan A was OlliW’s mavlink firmware but its not in a usable condition at the moment so ELRS running passthrough is plan B.

With the official release of ELRS 3.0, I’m transitioning nearly all of my vehicles to ExpressLRS. The process has been largely painless.

@geofrancis, I’m using ELRS (CRSF) passthrough to the transmitter (Horus X12S or Radiomaster TX16S) on all models. Most of them have another dedicated telemetry radio for GCS connection - most often, an mRo 915MHz setup.

In some cases, it’d be nice to have the transmitter be the comms link to the GCS as well (via Olli’s project), but most of my use cases don’t really lend themselves to keeping the transmitter right next to a GCS computer.

In some cases (my “Cinewhoop” styled quadcopter, in particular), I simply skip the GCS entirely in favor of read-only telemetry on the TX + plenty of channels for control.

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Cool, there has been some good news from ollis mavlink rc project, they finally got to the bottom of the r9 problems, something to do with it wrapping a 16 bit timer so it should be working now hopefully. I have asked if he can support a r9 module as a receiver so i can have symmetrical power on the link rather than a 25mw rx connected to a 1w tx and he is looking into it. The only options for a high power rx at the moment is dragonlink or rfd900 but both are very expensive.

Im looking for a backup to a 4g link so it doesnt have to be fast it just has to work and my old openlrs modules are just not reliable enough. Im looking at another option of injecting rc into a telemetry link for rc but its not ideal.

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