Exploring options to have a static Unique ID for a flight controller

Hello everyone,

I am exploring options to have a static UUID (Unique ID) for a drone/flight controller. While reviewing the logs I came across this line “CubeOrange 0048003A 3239510C 38363839”. I tried to dig deep down in the code to understand where this number came from but had no luck so far. Is this number a default Unique ID for my flight controller (CubeOrange)? To verify this I flashed same firmware on 5 different cube oranges. What I noticed was every cube orange had a different number assign to it. If anyone can shed light on this, it will be super helpful.



You can use the MCU serial number for this purpose.

It’s available in AUTOPILOT_VERSION.uid2 in a tlog

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Found it, thanks for your help @peterbarker :raised_hands:

Hi, I just got here and I have questions about tlog…

Where can I see AUTOPILOT_VERSION.uid2 in a tlog??

I want to get FCC unique ID