Experience with APD ESC's / Anyone using this ESC's?

Hey all,

do you guys have experience with APD Electronic Speed Controllers? Based on their comments on the webpage, they should have good products, designed to MIL-STD and also DO standards?

Are this ESC’s working out of the box with DShot?

Is it still necessary to remap to AUX ports?

Are there any plans for the ProShot protocol?


APD makes excellent products.

They are Dshot compatible and work out of the box.

If you are using Dshot on the cube or pixhawk (any board with a seperate IO processor) you must remap to the AUX ports regardless of the ESC you are using.

I don’t know of any plans for the ProShot protocol. It would only be useful in something like a racing quad.

So, max 6 ESCs on Cube with D-shot? What about X8, only on Pixracer as described in ardu documentation? Thx

And anyone try APD ESC’s on large builds with 25" props or larger?
I can’t find anything on inet except x-class cases.

@bovi Looks like not much persons using the APD ESC’s.
In the next days, I should get one for first tests.

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I asked some questions to them but after an initial response they disapperead and didn’t answer anymore, so i got a bit scared about what support they would have offered in fture and i went to hobbywing X8 combo. If someone will use them in future in big builds with good result i’ll certainly try them on one of my aircrafts.

Hi, did you manage to test the APD ESCs?