Existing Method To Request Global Origin?

Is there a method to request what the global origin is from the autopilot? I know that it is setup to answer once the ardupilot receives one, but what if one has already been set and the request is denied? It seems that the autopilot wouldn’t respond with the latest…

See the code snippet below from the repository:

// sets ekf_origin if it has not been set.
//  should only be used when there is no GPS to provide an absolute position
void GCS_MAVLINK::set_ekf_origin(const Location& loc)
    // check location is valid
    if (!loc.check_latlng()) {
    AP_AHRS &ahrs = AP::ahrs();
    // check if EKF origin has already been set
    Location ekf_origin;
    if (ahrs.get_origin(ekf_origin)) {
    if (!ahrs.set_origin(loc)) {
    // send ekf origin to GCS
    if (!try_send_message(MSG_ORIGIN)) {
        // try again later

In master (and the next Copter stable) you can send a REQUEST_MESSAGE for

Do you know what Copter stable version that would be in? I make the current requests and I continue to get a response code of 3 which I believe is the not supported ID. I understand its in master but I have several installs that I would rather migrate off an official release installable via MP.