Excessive vibration in S500 frame using Cube Orange and Here3 GPS

Hi thereI began building a quadcopter using S500 frame and latest FC pixhawk Cube Orange and Here 3 GPS
2212 980KV Emax
30 amp Simonk OPTO ESC
10 inch glass fibre propeller
11.V 4200 MAh Battery
Everything was perfectly set up during take off excessive vibrations and jerking so strong that the bullet connector of ESC and BLDC motor gets disconnected.
Seeing the problem I change the Flight controller and replaced with Matek H743 and SAM8 UAVCAN Again same problem of vibrationa and jerking that even i cant have a single flight.
Do i have a faulty FC or BLDC Motor or ESC or the Frame. I am actually confused somewhere on Google i found that S500 had problem regarding vibration plz help me out.

If you have excessive vibrations, changing the flight controller won´t help. You need to find the source of the vibration and try to minimize it. Are the motor shafts bent or not running true? Are your propellers out of balance?


Worthless without log :slight_smile:

The motor shafts are perfectly fine and tge propellers are brand new good quality.And i will see if balance are not.Here are some logs.https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Tx8KAl25afSYYSA1w_ooFNJNNgKf8EAQ/view?usp=drivesdk



Logs are private i think.

I don’t understand what are you trying to say.

You can´t assume, that brand new propellers are perfectly in balance. Unfortunately plastic propellers have a very large manufacturing tolerance and in my experience almost always require balancing before use.

Logs are private. Set them as public.

Heres the video you can analyse whats wrong with it and Logs are now public now please do check and suggest me.

that frame is well know to have problems if its a copy, the original sk500 from hobbyking has “SK” stamped on the arms and has carbon rod in the arms to stiffen them. the cheap copies dont and the arms are like rubber, causing the quad to constantly shake.

So should i change the frame because i have already changed the esc and bldc motor seems fine.

Your copter’s arms are not strong enough.
Also, you might have serious problems with driving your motors using ESCs.
Even if arms are not strong enough, they shouldn’t be like that (motors are almost bending the arms).
Remove propellers and take a look at the spinning motors.
They should be seamlessly rotating without halting at some points.

Yes they are running seamlessly this time i put my ears near and heard the sounds taking all safety measures at first.What do i do should i change the frame or esc.

Don’t know if it is an optical illusion from the video but looks like the motors are mounted on jelly. Stiffen up your arms and i think you’ll be ok.

They are fitted hard and screw tight.

Motors move like they are made of jelly regardless if the screws are tight or not. If screws are tight it means the whole support bends. If you look at the video you can clearly see motors wandering around. When they do vibration noise is clearly audible.

This isn’t a typical vibration problem. As @Corrado_Steri says those motors do not look secure. Or the arms are not.

And as stated props have to be balanced. More so with those cheap plastic ones.

change the frame, the one you have is a useless copy.

Ok i am changing the frame and can anyone just analyze my logs whats the problem.


Not much can be determined from the 2nd log, and nothing from the 1st, other than your battery is sagging to 9.3V under load.