Esp8266, swarm drones


I have one question…
I have 3 drones with pixhawk purple, v.4 firmware

And one-by-one have esp8266 wifi module for communixation. I flashed firmware the same for all three esp.

One by one seperately works fine, and I have telemetry on mission planner.

But how to connect all 3 quads in the same time to mission planner???

In my laptop I see 3 wirelless connection, esp1, esp2 and esp3. When I connected to esp1, I didnt see esp2or esp3 in my telemetry.

Please somebody, if you have swarm system on your quads with esp8266 wifi cuommunication, please I need help, how to connect 3 drones to 1 communication.

Thanks a lot.


The only solution would be to connect all ESP8266 in client mode to an existing wifi. Windows 10 and most Linux distros allow to create a mobile hotspot.

Hi, can you solve your problem?

I think you need a raspberry pi on a UAV as config it as a gateway and send all telemetry to GCS.