ESC's (without)Ground Signal wire question

Hi All,

I read a ot of discussions about connecting the signal ground to a pixhawk or not. I want to ask the question in an other way …what if there is no signal ground on the Esc’s ?. I’m planning to use these … …they dont have a signal ground ?!.

Any reason we cannot simply connect the ground plane from the power distribution to the ground of the servo rail?

I do not know these ESC’s. But if I scout for new products to use, Honestly, looking at the documentation on the link provided, it does not give a clue. No reference to connections to the esc at all. Which leaves us with the single picture provided. I see the obvious red/black main power. Cannot be disputed. There appears to be a white wire in between these. Let’s assume this is the signal wire. There is a soldering point between the white wire and the ground of the mains. In addition, the picture shows 3 soldering points at the bottom, motor clearly.
In short, signal wire without a ground reference will not work. Search for the common ground on your esc, likely the mains ground is the common ground for your signal. I would guess the soldering point on the picture right of the white wire is your signal ground.

That is the telemetry output pad not the signal ground. Try it with the signal lead only but you may have to add a signal ground by soldering to the Vbat (-) lead.

I think they’ll be fine. On all of my FC’s and ESC’s the grounds are all common. Unless the Pixhawk is different, signal is not separate from the power ground. So, having just one connected is enough. I’d argue better, as then you aren’t creating a loop.

Hi Sparks , the soldering point is telemetry that you can use when you want. They even supplied a (blue) extra wire for that.

dkemxt ,Yes it is …okay extra signal ground would be an option.

Thanks wicked1 , i will do some “on the bench” testing early next year.