ESCs stop working on 4.2 stable bdshot

After upgrading to 4.2 from the last stable version of 4.1 my ESCs will not work(dshot) all my parameters remain the same. When going back to 4.1 all is normal. Anyone else have this problem? (Cube Orange)

Maybe post on the 4.2 stable release thread ?

Can you post your parameters and details of which ESCs you are using?

Hello Andy, thanks for taking the time to have a look, normally I can always find the answers here in the discussions or the Docs ,but this time I am stumped. The Esc in question is the Holybro Tekko32 45A BLheli_32 Dshot 1200 32khz.(32.8 firmware) With 4.1.7 they work and also Bdshot works and I can get RPM data. With 4.2 I cannot get them to do anything. (hopefully I added the Param File correctly to this post)

may5Vtol.param (21.5 KB)

Ok thanks - I have that ESC and FC so hopefully I will be able to reproduce if I solder up some motors.
Probably won’t be until the weekend though.

Your servo setup looks wrong - SERVO10 has no function and you have SERVO9 and SERVO8 both set to 36. Is this correct? What kind of VTOL is this?

When I check, the servo10_function it is set at 34, servo9_function is 33 servo8_function is 0, I did find servo12 and servo13 set both to 36 (I moved the positions and forgot to set 12 back to 0) this is a tilt tri set up. It has hovered well but not been tuned or transitioned yet. Am I missing something when checking the servo assignment? Thanks again for taking the time to look at my problem.

Does it work with just regular dshot? Just wondering whether this not really dshot related but rather channel enablement

Will test it when I get home today. Will let you know the results this evening. Thanks again.

This is not a dshot issue - I can get motors to arm fine with this hardware and a quadplane setup. It must be something to do with the motor mask on a tri.

Thanks Andy, so I will just stick with 4.1.7 for now then I guess. Thank you for looking into it for me. If you need me to test anything let me know, would be happy to help.


So just to be sure I went and corrected having two servo outputs assigned to motor 4 , no change on 4.2 still won’t work. Reverted to 4.1.7 and all works fine.

So after waiting for a few more updates I’ve tried again to update to the latest release. Unfortunately with the same results. Wondering if anyone has a fix?

July1622.param (21.6 KB)

So I remember I tried your exact setup and it worked fine for me. Your servo setup still looks a little odd. Can you maybe send a picture and a description of what is connected to which cube orange output and with which function?

Hello Andy, thanks for taking the time to look at this again.

It’s a tilt/tri setup, nothing unusual connected to the outputs. ESCs are on AUX outputs, On the normal outputs are the two aileron servos an elevator servo as well as the tilt servos. It has an airspeed sensor,gps/compass and is using crossfire for receiver. It’s completed Qautotune on all axis and has transitioned and flown maybe 15 flights successfully.

Edit: the ESCs are now all running 32.9 firmware and have been tested and flown with 4.1.7 as well.

What is servo 7 doing?

It’s not doing anything, I looked in my parameters and saw that it was set to motor 7 (39), changed to 0, write Params, reboot and it gets automatically set back to 39? Won’t stay disabled ? Firmware 4.2.2, went back to 4.1.7 and servo7 does the same thing , always reverts to 39 after being changed to 0 and a reboot. I should add that servo 7 connection is being used to power the servo rail though a BEC with power and ground at 5v.

Looks to me like this is a feature of the frame. Motor 7 is the yaw servo on regular Tri copters but can be unused on quadplanes. Its not clear to me that the way ArduPlane sets this up is entirely correct. Maybe @iampete has an opinion.

Does motor test not work either? Do you get any beeps out of the offending motors?

On 4.2.2 I can’t get anything on the motors in motor test or even forcing arm. Pushing safety switch gives no tones. In 4.1.7 everything works as it should. The buzzer won’t even make a sound while trying to test the motors in 4.2.2.

Quadpalne will try and setup motor 7 on a output even if you don’t really need it. It only sets the default tho you should not need it have it setup.