ESC Telemetry MAMBA v Aikon


I’m have a problem with two Mamba F45_128K BL32 P/N JH60789.

I am trying to get Esc Telemetry out of two Mateksys H743 V1.5 using Ardupilot 4.4.4. on two different Quads.

Using a H743 with Aikon settings (Serial 5, baud 57, options 0) with an Aikon AK32 4in1 35A (on a third Quad) I can get the Telemetry? Aikon gives RPM, temp and volts, no current.

BUT using H743 v1.5 on a Mamba the setting on Serial 5 default to baud 115, this can’t be changed, always defaults back to 115 after reboot.

Both Aikon and Mamba are set identically with BLHeli_32 Revision: 32.10 (Auto Telemetry OFF, tried with and without, no difference).

Setting Serial5 (UART8). I checked the physical connection between the ESC TX and the H743 RX8.

Although the physical connection was to RX8, I read that, sometimes, Serial 6 or Serial 4 may be DMA mapped differently and used for Telemetry, tried both, no success.

I have looked at the STM data and got lost in the Information, I’m used to ATMEL assembly way back in the day!

I have followed the excellent:

How to methodically tune (almost) any multicopter using ArduCopter 4.4.x

AND Andy Piper’s series, all of them! (Thanks Andy).

All logging and Belheli settings are identical!

Is the BAUD setting difference significant? As I has written the Mamba can’t be changed from 115!

Can you post all your parameters? I am using that ESC without issue.
Have you set the serial port protocol to 16 (ESC telemetry)?

The protocols are identical for both ESCs, except for the BAUD rate, that I can’t change!
I’ll try and post the Parameters tomorrow.
Thanks for the reply.

Problem cleared!!!,
Reboot this morning, all good. I spent the whole day trying to get it to work and now they are playing ball! Don’t know why.
added comment; bizarre, nothing changed in PARAMS.
Still can’t change BAUD rate but I have, now, curr, rpm,temp, volts from both MAMBA esc.

Reason for seeking Telemetry was message from Ardupilot Filter Review tool that says No tracking data available for ESC notch”.
perhaps not relevant to no telemetry but set the reason for investigation.

Thanks for your support.