Esc telemetry and Hexacopter

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ESC Telemetry based notch filter seems to work well when using a 4in1 ESC on a Quad but how do you set up a Hexa with 6 individual ESCs?

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You do it in the exact same way. No change whatsoever.
Do you have 6 telemetry enabled ESCs in the first place?

Hi Amilcar Lucas.
I am going to change the ESCs on my Hexa from BLHeli_s to BLHeli32 and am looking for suitable ESCs. I can’t find any 6in1 so it will have to be individual units with ESC Telemetry out. How to manage 6 ESC Telemetry on a Pixhawk 6C?

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2 choices. Use the FMU/Aux outputs as you normally would for Dshot on a FC with an IOMCU or use the the Dev version of firmware for Dshot on the Main outputs. Some months perhaps before that is in a Stable version.

There is at least one 6in1 esc but it’s BLHeli_S which you don’t want.

What about upgrading the ESC from BLHeli_S to Bluejay?

3 choices :grinning:

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Hi all.

Thanks for your advice, amilcarlucas, Dave and Allister. I have some BLHeli_s at home and the first step will be to test the Bluejay firmware. I will be going from LIPO to LI-ion and therefore need to modify some ESC settings.
Thanks all friends //YB

You will need the Bdshot version of firmware flashed to the Flight Controller also and configure the BDshot outputs.