ESC suggestions for simple 9v dc motor?

Hello, i am new to arupilot and pixhawk , and I have come into a simple problem. due to quarantine im unable to test a system (obstacle avoidance and navigation) on a ardu rover for water, so instead I wanted to test using the pixhawk and sensors on an ardurover for ground , i have a robot chassis meant for arduino with 4 gear motors (dc motors 9v, that is all the info I have) and 2 l298n drivers. however it seems that l298n drivers are not supported by pixhawk? so my question is if there is a ESC i can use with the 4 dc motors (they have 2 wires each ). this is just for testing the navigation and obstacle which is why I want to keep the cost super low, i have everything else I need to connect the pixhawk , gps ,etc. I just need a way to use the 4 wheels in skid steering to test the navigation and obstacle detection.

can the l298n be used with the pixhawk also? I am assuming I might need to buy a driver however people mention that there exists 10$ drivers that could work with pixhawk adn 2 wire dc motors 9v, but never give a model or a link and all the esc i find usually require a brushed dc motor with 3 wires.

The l298n has a PWM input for rpm control and two on/off inputs for forward/reverse, brake and float. For now, only one on/off (relay) output is supported. You will not be able to use the L298N with ardurover. I would buy two cheap RC car ESCs like these for example:

They can be configured for forward/reverse operation with a dip switch.

a small question, what do you mean by dip switch?

I caved in and ordered this :

do i need to buy something else to plug it in to the pixhawk?

The DIP switch won’t matter because you bought the version with fixed Fwd/Rev No Brake. Luckily this is what you want. You won’t need anything else.