ESC recommendation for Y3+ Tricopter/Fixed Wing Quadplane

Hi guys

I am building a tricopter Y+ quadplane with all 3 motors articulated and I have some questions regarding Electronic Speed Controls.
I would like to use only the aft motor in fixed-wing mode. This way, the forward motors need one ESC with brakes (to reduce drag). However, it is hard to find Multirotor’s ESC with brakes. This way, I am thinking about using aircraft’s ESCs on it. I have seen that they work in a fewer refresh rate (around 50Hz) than the multirotor one (around 500Hz).

Does anyone knows if it might by an issue on VTOL control? Whether it can jeopardize VTOL reliability? Or has any other concerns?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Rodrigo,
most ESC’s I have come across have a programmable function for the brake. Just needs to be activated.
In regards to update speed: Yes, it matters very much. Any good flight controller will update motor speed hundreds of times a second in order to keep aircraft / drone flying smoothly. This is in particular important during vertical takeoff and landing in a VTOL aircraft.
Certainly, once in fixed wing mode update speed of ESC’s doesn’t matter that much anymore but you have to get to that point first.
However, be careful not to go over the top. There are some high speed (update speed) ESC’s out there but those can create lots of interference which can affect controller. (Lost once a basic drone because of it).

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