ESC Question Brushless Math hurts my head

Plan on building a rover/mower with the the Ardupilot using the Rover in skid steer mode. I see a lot of guys using wheel chair motors and while those are great because they are geared but without a a few downsides. Such as most do not have a neutral, size, and lastly cost.

So off track already I was going to use 6 motors from “hoverboards” they are brushless with 350 watt motors. They are rated on a 10s battery so approximately 36 volts. My armchair math is roughly 10 amps, which sounds very low. Dropping to 24v only 15 amps, again sounds way too low.

Anyway is anyone able to assist me on the math as Im missing something and I dont know why. I run R/C helicopters as well 4x4 Trucks and Im usually good on the math but for some reason these motors are throwing me off.

My entire rig will weigh in about 60 pounds.

Your math sound good to me…
350W at 35(36)V equals 10amps… (per motor)

Where is the problem with that? :slight_smile: