ESC Passthrough Failure

I’m currently trying to setup Dshot 150 on a quad with a Tekko32 on a Cube with 4.0.3. I’ve followed the instructions on When I select “connect” in BLHeli32 Suite I get the following pop up warning.

. I’ve tried over both serial and USB port with same results. Any help would be much appreciated.

2020-06-26 DSHOT tuning.param (17.2 KB)

I get the exact same issue. I wanted to reverse my motor but gave up in the end, switch the wires over. Seems buggy

Try setting SERVO_BLH_DEBUG to 1 and set SERVO_BLH_TEST to test each motor, you can then look in the messages tab to see if the it passes or fails.

If it passes then the issue is between AP and BLHeli suite, if not then its between AP and the ESC.

edit: this assumes your seeing DSHOT150 in the RC out message when you first connect?

Performed the procedures. Associated motor does not spin. After each attempt the ESC chimes would initiate. Nothing about dshot in the messages. 2020-06-26 DSHOT Tuning 2.param (17.2 KB) SERVO_BLH_TEST

Look like the tests passed for each ESC, so the problem is between AP and BlheliSuite. Try downloading the latest version, you should connect to the same serial port with the same baud rate as you do Mission Planner (having disconnected MP first)

Downloading BLHeliSuite32 got connect for ESC throughpass. Thanks a lot iampete.

I’m consistently able to get Passthrough to work on BLHeli32. My newest problem is getting ESC telemetry to log. Here are a couple of failures that I’m seeing as well.

  1. Anytime I send an SERVO_BLH_TEST command, Mission Planner displays “Initialising APM” under the Messages tab. I simultaneously get the ESC tones on boot. So I’m assuming my pixhawk 2 did indeed re-initialize. However, I also get a “ESC: Test PASSED” after.
    Test 2_3 Passed

  2. When I try to do a motor test, in BLHeli32 Suite, I’m only able to send 1010 pwm’s. The AP sends the re-init tones again, and I have to re-check the “I understand…” portion in BLHeli to perform another motor test.

I’ve been having to do a lot of repairs due to motors failing in flight. The ESC telemetry would be a huge help trying to find the root cause of my motor failures.

Thank you in advance.

Maybe you could share what your motor failures are, when does it happen and quad specs (motor/battery/props/AUW/etc) and a picture of the failed motor(s).

I’ve seen multiple failure types. Scorching on the ESC’s, Motors binding, and others. I don’t have pictures unfortunately. My main objective is to get ESC telemetry logged though.

The reason i asked my questions was to see if its a mis-match of esc/motor/prop/battery/AUW or simply cheap hardware. I mainly fly betaflight LOS high preformance quads and this type of flying is murder on esc/motors, I am hitting 120A/2100W on a 230mm mtm quad. I have found though testing what has failed and now works well (+20,000 flights w/o failure). There is 10 ways to skin a cat :slight_smile: (btw, I like kitties, I have two).

What motors/props/battery/AUW is your quad?
Do the motors get warm or hot?
Do they sound smooth (oscillation and D-term spikes heat motors)?

Good Luck.