ESC not connecting to Pixhawk Cube


I’m back with another question haha. So, I have swapped the ESC in this Hexacopter being built and am running into an issue where the ESC being used will not arm (acting like there is no signal) which I believe to be an issue with how the pixhawk and ESC communicate. The ESC are Flier 500A 22S I have reached out to the Flier to see what type of protocol they are using but I believe they are PWM and not Dshot… Has anyone had an issue with Flier ESC’s before and connecting to pixhawk? Any suggestions or literature to read would be greatly appreciated! I have made sure all the connections are correct from the ESC to pixhawk and receiver.


There is not much info on these from the website but here is the link for reference.


Never heard of Flier ESC’s here or anywhere else but I’m certain it’s PWM only. So just set MOT_PWM_TYPE to 0 (PWM) . Post your parameter file, we can often diagnose simple problems from that.

From the Download page there is a link for the ESC Programming software.

have you done ESC calibration?

I cant even do the esc calibration. I initiate the sequence from the computer but goes straight into the no signal chime sequence.

Have you enabled the motor output using the safety switch?

There is no safety switch being used on the pixhawk in our case. If you are refering to the physical switch that you can plug into the pixhawk

And you have disabled it in the parameters?

yes, we had it arming and motors spinning prior to switching the ESC’s

big hex 1.1.param (17.0 KB)
Here is the parameter file you had asked for @dkemxr

have you tested the ESCs with something like a servo tester or RC receiver to verify they work?

Yes it will power on when plugged into the reciver. Could it be a voltage output issue from the flight controller?

See this other almost-identitcal thread

Switched it to 5v and didnt make any difference?

its possible the escs have low resistance protection resistors that require more driving current than a pixhawk can give. you could try a 3.3v-5v logic level shifter to boost the pixhawk pwm voltage.

True opto ESCs of old actually needed a 5v supply which would be provided by the reciever. Have you got a BEC connected to the + and 0v pins of the servo rail? Those pins are common across all servo outputs on the flight controller.

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