ESC & MOTOR selection, Bad performance

Hi Team,
Can you please advise the performance of this motor and ESC is good to go for ?

I have ordered this part for my 450mm frame and facing poor fly performance in terms for continous fly and stability.
Please advsie

Are you saying you have installed the shown parts and are now facing poor performance? Or you have some other parts now and you want to buy these parts to dix poor performance?

I have installed these parts and try to fly. Within two min of fly time the quad gets landed. While touching the parts felt heart in esc and motors. So was thinking if it is a problem with motors and esc or something else.
While i fly the copter in alt hold mode it sometimes drift to one direction.
I’m using 5500mah battery.
Let me know if any more info needed.

Heat in motor and esc is somewhat normal and a motor/esc notmally wouldn’t be associated with problems holding position

Those are the poorest quality components you can possibly buy for a multirotor. Collet shaft motors are not suited for these craft. And a 1400kV motor is not right for a 450 size craft with ~10" props. Those generic shrink wrapped ESC’s are failure waiting to happen if they all even arrive functional.

Hi Dave,
I’m using 8 inch propeller. Is that still a problem ?
What size propeller and motor do you suggest for 450mm frame ?

If it helps, Arun_G, I’m running 2216 930kV motors, 10x4.5 props on 4S, on a 450 size
quad. AUW ~1400g with 4S 5000 50C pack. Hover time about 21 minutes in light wind. GL

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@CharlieKeck Is a standard component set for a 450 size quad. Note the take-off weight with the battery you have. You need to replace those motors anyway and I would suggest some BLHeli_32 ESC’s.
If your battery is 3S the weight will have to be much lower.

Hi dave, i have secured BLHeli-32 esc and 930 kv motor. Now it has thrust to weight ratio of 3.5. Im using 3S battery. Is this ok or should i go for 4S battery ?

So, same weight (which is?) and 10" props?

Yes it is the same weight. But previously the thrust to weight ratio was only 2 which is improved to 3.5 now. Do you mean the battery should be directly proportional to weight ?
The propeller is 10 inch now.

What is the take-off (with battery) weight?

It is 900 gram with battery weight.

That should work.

Thanks dave.
Are there any software, tools available to choose the components sizing for multi rotors? Im using ecalc but it doesn’t give what is the best configuration to go for.

With ecalc you have to do some level of “suck it and see”
It can select motors if you know the prop size, it’s a good starting point but not perfect, and you might end up selecting different props and different motors too. You just have to keep selecting similar motors and props until you get the performance that suits your application.
Also there’s bit of a juggling act trying to select motors that are ideal versus what’s actually available to purchase.

Hi Dave,
I have changed ESC, MOTOR to Emax model and charger WolfRC. I was able to fly the copter and observed some vibration and wobling and so landed the copter in few min to see if there is any problem. Observed much more heating of Clock wise motor as compared to other. Attaching the log file. Could you please advise if any parameters to be changed or adjusted.
This log file with Ald Hold mode

This Log file in Auto mission mode where I have observed abnormal heat

Which ESC’s and did you calibrate them? Motor output 1 is being commanded much lower than the others.

Don’t run an Auto Mission until all problems are solved and tuning is complete.

Here the link of ESC Im using. It is BLHELI oneshot. I did calibrate them as described in Ardupilot. Should I calibrate individually or all at one go is ok ?
Were you able to look at other log file where I ran in Alt hold mode. Do you see any issue in it ?

The semi-automatic method as per the Wiki.