ESC for big build 12S

Hello, i am in the process of building a big quadrirotor on 12 S (weight is approx 25kg).
It 'll spin 30" blades on P80 T-motors.
Is there a good Esc that supports braking and doesn’t desync? At the moment i have 4 80HV Flame escs from a previous build that i would like to use but i do not understand or find it written anywhere if they have braking function or not. I read the Alpha series has regenerative braking.

Since motors are quite big and propellers are big as well, i tought PIDs will work much better if the ESC could brake props to follow better throttle inputs from FC.

I think it would be very interesting to talk a bit about braking and how it could benefit pid tuning and if it is worth investigating it.

Any comment or suggestion is more than welcome.

I am currently building a 12S system using T-Motor parts and we have opted for the Alpha series ESC
They seem nice, have good specs, etc.
Can’t tell you about flying yet.

I would also look into APD (Advanced Power Drives) ESC. They can be run on Dshot as well, and are smaller than the T-Motor ESC.

I read Alpha are supposed to have some braking and run FOC. So probably a much better choice than Flame and supposedly should be able to run tighter PIDs because of braking feature.

Having some probs with my build, would like very much to know how it is yours going.