ESC Callibration with OneShot 125 issu

I built my first Quad - its a 250 with a Pixhawk px4 Flight controller.
I really like the Missionplaner Software, nealer all is easy to find and works create.

I have only one issu with the ESC Callibration.
I am using:
Motor: Multistar Elite 2204-2300KV 3-4s 4 pack (2/CCW 2/CW)
ESC: ZTW Spider Series 18A OPTO Multi-Rotor ESC 2~4S (BLHeli/SimonK Firmware)
Pre-geflasht mit SimonK OneShot 125
with an 3s Lipo.

If I select “normal” ESC Type - callibration it works great.
When select the OndeShot125 option, the motors at the front don’t spin just moving some mm forward and back. And the one at the back, spin stop spin stop…

I have a second question to the callibration. On “normal” spin values are:
spin min: 0,100
spin min in flight: 0,150
spin maximum: 0,950
Whats the unit?
Are this good values for 2300KV motors?

Thank you and best redards, André