ESC calibration ARRIS A30 8318 120KV

We make drones using ARRIS A30 8318 120KV motor and ESC.
ESC calibration does not work.
The beep sounds continuously. Please give me some advice.

Check rc transmitter channel 3 ( throttle) reverse function?

Channel 3 is in reverse.

Check mission planner rc calibration page ch3 graph showing right direction when throttle stick move correct Direction.
Also connect esc to directly rc receiver and look for no beeb sound if channel direction correct.

When I move the throttle stick, the mission planner’s rc calibration page ch3 graph works correctly.

If you connect the ESC directly to the RC receiver, you will not hear any beeps.

FC power supply and ESC power supply are separate systems.

Is this relevant?

Did you followed calibration procedure which is mentioned in esc calibration Page.

Yes, I did.

Insert the battery and press the safety switch and you will hear a continuous beep.