ESC calibrate sends power to motors

When calibrating new esc’s with Dshot125 selected once i hit the arm switch i get power to the motors kida scary. changing back to normal can also power up the motors. once power cycled it seems ok.

I running 3.6-10-rc2

I’d wager you have the ESCs connected to the “normal” motor outputs. They should be connected to the AUX ports instead. .

Why are you using rc2? 3.6.10 has been released…

HI, I been slightly backlog at work not got a chance to update but will soon.

Ah good thinking…

Oneshot125 or Dshot150 and more.

If Oneshot125, normal motor outputs, if Dshot, follow the wiki.

Set MOT_PWM_MIN at 1000 and MOT_PWM_MAX at 2000 and calibrate your ESC with theses parameters.

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