Esc beeps pixhawk arduplane 3.6

I have got a Scorpion Commander 15V 60A SBEC ESC to use with pixhawk.
The problem is that it does not start: it keeps beeping as if has no signal from the controler…

I have tested the ESC direct to a reciver, and it works just fine.
Have anyone ever put this two toogether: Scorpion 60A ESC and a Pixhawk controler? What I am doing wrong?
The old ESC was working fine, but I had to change because I put a bigger motor…
My arduplane is 3.6

Does your pixhawk have a safety switch? I’m asking because I’m unsure how it would work on Plane. I know that the safety switch enabled on Copter blocks the PWM from the controller hence beeping ESC.

Big Tulsa,

My pixhawk has the safety switch.

How could i use it to prevent the beep on arducopter? I Will try to do the same on arduplane… Is it a parameter?

Not a parameter, it’s the way it’s set. That’s why it’s a safety switch. You could disable the safety switch to disable the beeping, but I’d rather have the beeping and a safety switch. To stop the beeping with the safety switch enabled, just press the switch until the light goes solid red.

You can disable the safety switch entirely by setting the BRD_SAFETYENABLE parameter to 0. That’s Copter I’m pretty sure; it may also be on Plane.

I suspect it a ESC calibration issue. The pixhawk will putout a different pwm signal then your reciever will. You need to calibrate through mission planner.