Error saving flight modes

Hi folks, new to the Quadcopter scene, I have updated my apm with the newest software and followed the painless360 videos on YouTube on setting up, but I keep hitting Two problems,

On the flight modes I go to change mode one from loiter to stabilise and number 6 to loiter instead of stabilise, every time I change them and go to save them it come on screen with a pop up stating “error saving parameters”. I have tried every possibility I can think of but it won’t save.

Can anyone help??

The next one is my flight mode button is set as channel 5 via ppm, but it only gives, me two modes is it possible to change it to channel 6 somewhere. So I can get three flight modes instead of two on channel 5

Many thanks in advance


Re the last bit can you not change that on your transmitter , what transmitter do you have.

Channels above 4 are normally listed as AUX channels and the assigned activation switch can often be changed.

Re your first problem, mine did that for no real reason and the problem just went away for no reason

Check in mission planner as you change your switch, it might have saved the new position even though its given the error.