Error opening logs

With APM Planner 2.0.24 I’m not able anymore to open logs from Arduplane 3.8.

I receive tis messag error “Unable to create: near “1”: syntax error Unable to execute statement”

you should upgrade to Version 2.0.25 as it has lots of fixes regarding the loganalyzing.

For Windows and Linux 2.0.24 is the latest realease as far as I know.

2.0.25 went from rc1 to stable in July. I’ll see if I can get a build done for linux. I can’t do Windows as I don’t own a computer with Windows in it.

See this for Windows 64-bit, Trouble Parsing Arducopter 3.6dev log. I’ll build the latest for Linux tonight.

Here’s the latest and greatest for Linux (apm_planner_2.0.25-12-g46092ae_xenial64.dep):

MD5: 925c6f39ee741da2c53845286c08e62e

Here’s one that I built too, runs on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems, Ubuntu 16.04 or Debian testing if you pull some depends out of Sid.

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@carpy @ChrisOlson Thank you for building and providing the binarys :+1:

I have just installed the Linux version on my 64 bit Linux Mint Sarah , now I can open the logs, fantastic !

A big thank you guys :slight_smile:

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You’ll like the logging display functions in 2.0.25. It loads the logs really fast now, big logs are no problem, and has support for the latest stuff for the PH2.1

I have the same problem in my windows 64 bit PC. Although it only happens when i try to read bin or DF logs. Tlogs read like a charm.

Which Version of Apm planner are you using? Try to get 2.0.26 rc2!

Please share the download link. I use a PC with windows 64bit, fyi!!!

You should look here:
Don’t be afraid about the “beta” tag. The RC2 is the last official release.
Please let me know if this version solved you problem.

The ‘beta’ tag was what kept me away. Thanks for the clarification. It works like a charm!!!