Error: Missing Params & RCx_OPTION Values Changed

FC: Matek F765 Wing
Arduplane: v4.1.0 beta 6
Mission Planner: v1.3.75 (& v1.3.75.1)

Hi - can’t quite put my finger on when this started (probably when I updated to plane beta) but I receive an Error every time I connect to MP - “Missing Params”, followed by some numbers - recently this is 1137 .vs. 1136 (I have seen different numbers though). I can’t find any additional info, such as what the missing parameter is, or if it is missing from MP or the FC. Expanding the details of the error just gives the stack trace.

Additionally, it seems that the values used in the RCx_OPTIONS param have changed, I am assuming since 1.3.74. I had RC7_OPTION set to Arm/Disarm, which was val 41, but as it stopped working I went into User Params and it was back to “Do nothing”. Upon selecting “Arm/Disarm” I noted that this now has a value of 153 and if set to that the function does nothing. If I change it to 41 it works as it used to, but shows up either as “Do nothing” or blank in User Params.

Log during connection attached
mp1.3.75-log.txt (201.1 KB)


We have changed values on the development branch, because the GCS’s use the param descriptions come from that branch you could not see the correct options for the stable version. We have put the descriptions back with a note for what versions they apply to.

You should be able to see option 41 again, if not then ctrl + fparam gen should update the descriptions.