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Controller MatekF405-CTR, installed firmware 3.6.2-rc4. Today made the first flight in this configuration, two flights in the mode of AltHold + Autotune. During both flights, a few minutes after the start of the flight, the altitude readings on the “-700” meters.
The same thing sometimes happens if the copter is just standing on the table.

Hi @AndreyI,

Any chance you could include a dataflash log file?

The log files of the two flights:

Just noticed that on firmware 3.6.X, a few minutes after switching on, the compass stops working.

If the firmware 3.6.2 in the settings to disable the use of the compass, the altitude readings cease to stray. Connected external compass from Radiolink TS100.

Ah, I think we have had reports about the Radiolink TS100 not working (Sergey reported it here). The issue seems specific to this GPS/compass unit but sadly none of the developers have one so it is currently difficult to get to the bottom of the issue.

I use 5 TS100 with minipix and I have no issues so far.

Perhaps the problem is not the TS100, and in conjunction with this compass and controller MatekF405?

How it can help in solving the problem that in version 3.7, this glitch no?

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Ah, 3.7.0-dev works? this is great news because it means we’ve fixed a bug that’s causing this. I’ll see if @tridge has a guess as to which fix we need to backport to Copter-3.6.


Copter-3.6.4-rc1 is on it’s way out for beta testing. Could you check if it resolves your issues with the Radiolink TS100?

Thanks, I’ll check that version.
I’ll write the results by the end of the week.

So far everything works fine.

Thank you for Your work!

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