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Error after rebase because of missing MAV_GENERATOR_STATUS_... definition

After rebase of my formerly OK checked branch I’m running into an error, based on MAV_GENERATOR_…

The GitHub checks say “MAV_GENERATOR_STATUS_FLAG_WARMING_UP is missing”

and if I try to build the code I also run into an Errror:

[152/722] Compiling libraries/AP_GPS/AP_GPS_SBP2.cpp
[153/722] Compiling libraries/AP_GPS/AP_GPS_SIRF.cpp
[154/722] Compiling libraries/AP_Generator/AP_Generator_RichenPower.cpp
[155/722] Compiling libraries/AP_Gripper/AP_Gripper_Backend.cpp
[156/722] Compiling libraries/AP_Gripper/AP_Gripper_Servo.cpp
…/…/libraries/AP_Generator/AP_Generator_RichenPower.cpp: In member function ‘void AP_Generator_RichenPower::send_generator_status(const GCS_MAVLINK&)’:
…/…/libraries/AP_Generator/AP_Generator_RichenPower.cpp:437:27: error: ‘MAV_GENERATOR_STATUS_FLAG_WARMING_UP’ was not declared in this scope; did you mean ‘MAV_GENERATOR_STATUS_FLAG_CHARGING’?
| ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
compilation terminated due to -Wfatal-errors.

Waf: Leaving directory `/cygdrive/c/Users/Willy/Documents/GitHub/ardupilot/build/sitl’
Build failed
-> task in ‘objs/AP_Generator’ failed (exit status 1):
{task 123145240536200: cxx AP_Generator_RichenPower.cpp -> AP_Generator_RichenPower.cpp.0.o}
(run with -v to display more information)
“c:/cygwin64/bin/python2.7 waf plane” terminated with exit code 1. Build might be incomplete.

11:45:46 Build Failed. 1 errors, 0 warnings. (took 3m:40s.644ms)

I did a “git submodule update --init --recursive”, so MavLink should be up to date.

I had a look at the ardupilot-master code to find where that definition of MAV_GENERATOR_ is made, but I couldn’t find one.

So could anybody give me a hint where to find the rootcause of that error?

You will probably need to merge befor you can compile

So I understand that It’s OK to have that errors in the moment and I just have to wait until 15404 is merged.
After it’s merged I have to rebase again and all should be OK.

Did I understand that correctly?

Yes. I hope that it will fix it, yes.

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