Encountering unbalanced power consumption in Quadcopter - X Configu UAV

Hello Team,

Encountering unbalanced power consumption in Quadcopter - X Configu UAV,
Used Firmware version: 4.3.1

Please help me to find out the apt reason for the below queries.

  1. Clockwise motors absorb more power compared to anti-clockwise motors.
    Motor 1: 1545 us
    Motor 2: 1548 us
    Motor 3: 1687 us
    Motor 4: 1615 us
    Can you please let me know, What will be the anticipated reason for this behavior?

Please find the BIN file

  1. For the Ideal UAV that is well PID tunned, Then what should be the value of roll, pitch & YaW values (while hovering without any RC Input) with a good GPS Signal Stat count of >28 (0.5 HDOP)?
    How we can get know that UAV is well-tuned?

  2. Observed both First IMU data & Second IMU data are different Values (m/s/s), Why is it so?


Search the forum here for “Yaw bias” and you will find many posts explaining why that is.

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As @dkemxr said, it can be many reasons… but specialy twisted arms and imbalanced props would be what I look for first.

Basicaly when your desired and actual roll, pitch and yaw track each other… really don’t know how to give you further advice about it.

Maybe one IMU is vibration-isolated and the other one no… difficult to say without further detail about the FC used. But anyway, it is not something we take a lot of care, give more attention to the vibe levels (that seems ok to me in this log you sent).

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Thank you so much for your insights @ BrunoBagarini

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Thank you, Dave, for your advice.