Enable message forwarding to other Mavlink instances

Hello There,

I want to forward all the Mavlink data I receive on Telem1 to Telem2.
In PX4 we can do it via editing the rcs file, and using -f option in mavlink start.
How can I do the same in Ardupilot.
Also is there any concept of rcs file in Ardupilot, if so which file refers to the startup functionality.

What are you looking to achieve with that ?

I don’t know if there’s any direct way to do so, but I think you can do it using lua scripting, https://github.com/ArduPilot/ardupilot/tree/master/libraries/AP_Scripting/examples

Checkout serial_test, serial_dump and UART_log examples

AP will auto forward messages that are not for its own SYSID. Its on by default but there is a option to turn it off in SERIAL_xOPTIONS (in 4.1.dev). Just set both ports to MAVLIink.


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