Emlidtool newbie - how i can use emlidtool for EMLID EDGE Flight Controller

sorry, as newbie, how can i use emlidtool for EMLID EDGE, what is emlidtool and how can i use it?
Where can i download it?
Thank you in advance!

Think you can find more infos here: https://community.emlid.com/

thank you, i know this forum, but actually no relevant answers…

Like “RTFD” ?


I hope you know how to access Edge with SSH?

sorry but i dont know how ssh works.
it´s very sad, that is nowhere an exact documentation how ot start it.

Still think you can find more appropriate help on emlid forums. Expecially on how to ssh to the unit.

Accordind to your post on community.emlid.com
you know how to connect via ssh to the edge, you just did not know the password:


Tatiana from Emlid answered your question as well 2 hours ago.

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